Anaphylaxis Course (4 hour)


  1. 4 hour duration of teaching hours (excluding break times)
  2. Course can be run in clients own premises providing a suitable training venue is available for use by the instructor
  3. If premises are required to be booked by the Training Company, charges will be transferred to the client
  4. Minimum number of students: 8
    Maximum number of students: 12
  5. Students will be issued with a certificate of attendance on cleared payment of course fees, these certificates are valid for a period of 1 year
  6. Invoice payment will be due 14 days from date of invoice
  7. Students will be issued with a reference book
  8. Course fees as per price list

This course is presented over 4 hours over 1 day. This course has a maximum of 12 students – the minimum being 8 students. Presentation concentrates on practical exercises with the necessary theory knowledge provided in an informal atmosphere. Each student is provided with an Emergency First Aid Booklet. The certificate of attendance is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of the completed course.
The course is designed to meet the needs of all people in the work-place, who may be involved in the treatment and administration of adrenaline whilst dealing with a casualty who suffers an anaphylactic reaction / event.

The syllabus includes:

  • Legal Principals
  • Clinical negligence “Bolam Principal”
  • Recognition features and treatment of the casualty having an anaphylactic reaction / event
  • Side effects and contra-indications of adrenaline
  • How and where to administer adrenaline in an emergency
  • Revision of adult, Infant & Child Recovery Position
  • Revision of adult, Infant & Child CPR